Conference Theme
Innovation for Society and Business – Digital Transformation 4.0


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Conference Date

10 - 11 September, 2023

Abstract Submission

30 July, 2023

Full Paper

31 August, 2023

Early Bird

11 August, 2023

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Welcome to the European International Research Academy 2023 conference on “Innovation for Society and Business – Digital Transformation 4.0” !

We are delighted to gather esteemed participants from diverse fields to explore the profound impact of Digital Transformation 4.0 on society and business. Over the next few days, we will embark on a journey of innovation, uncovering how emerging technologies shape our world. This conference serves as a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and thought-provoking discussions. Together, we will examine the transformative potential of Digital Transformation 4.0 and its role in driving social progress and fostering business growth.

Through insightful presentations, interactive workshops, and engaging networking opportunities, we aim to inspire new ideas, forge meaningful connections, and discover innovative approaches to address the challenges and opportunities presented by this digital era.

Thank you for joining us in this pursuit of innovation and societal advancement through Digital Transformation 4.0. We look forward to an enriching conference experience filled with profound insights and fruitful exchanges.

We look forward to welcoming you to the conference!

Some potential conference topics could include but are not limited to…

Interest Group 1: Information Systems and Cognition

    • Digital Transformation and Human Behaviour
    • Human-Centered Design of Information Systems
    • Electronic Commerce Challenges
      User Experience and Information Systems
    • Ethical Decision Making with Information Systems
    • Impact of Technology on Human Behaviour
    • Social Network Analysis and Information Systems
    • Data-Driven Decision Making and Human Behaviour
    • Organisational Impact of Information Systems
    • Cognitive Psychology and Information Systems

Interest Group 2: Digital Technology and Sustainability

    • Digital Technology for Sustainable Futures
    • Leveraging Digital Technology for Environmental Sustainability
    • Innovations in Digital Technology for Resource Management
    • The Role of Digital Technology in Sustainable Development
    • Using Digital Technology to Create Sustainable Communities
    • Exploring the Role of Digital Technology in Climate Change Mitigation
    • Applying Digital Technology Solutions in Sustainable Agriculture
    • Implementing Digital Technology to Advance Sustainable Business Practices
    • Evaluating the Impact of Digital Technology on Sustainable Energy Systems
    • Digital Technology and Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities

Interest Group 3: Social Innovation

    • Exploring Social Entrepreneurship
    • The Impact of Technology on Social Innovation
    • Reimagining Community Engagement
    • Crafting Sustainable Solutions
    • Harnessing the Power of Collaboration
    • Leveraging Partnerships for Social Good
    • Innovations in Education for Social Change
    • Transforming Health and Wellness
    • Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Diversity
    • Understanding the Impact of Social Innovation on Business

Interest Group 4: Technology for Society & Business

    • Leveraging Technology for Social Impact
    • Social Media Strategies for Business
    • Digital Transformation for Organizations
    • Automation and AI in Business
    • Cybersecurity and Data Protection
    • The Future of Business and Technology
    • Creating Connected Experiences through Technology
    • Ethical Considerations for Technology in Business
    • Big Data and Business Analytics
    • IoT and Its Business Implications

Interest Group 5: Economics of Innovation

    • Financial Implications of Technological Innovation
    • Risk and Reward of Innovative Technologies
    • Potential of Technology for Economic Growth
    • Interdependencies of Technology and Innovation
    • Government in Driving Innovation through Technology
    • Investing in Technological Innovation for Global Economic Development
    • ROI of Technology-Driven Innovation
    • Technology to Address Economic Disparities

Interest Group 6: Social Perspective on technology

    • Technology for Social Good
    • The Implications of Technology on Society and Human Interaction
    • Technology and Social Inequality
    • Technology and the Digital Divide
    • Technology and Social Movements
    • Social Media and Technology
    • Privacy, Surveillance and Technology
    • Technology and Disability Rights

Conference Venue

Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam, The Netherlands